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неделя, 23 юни 2013 г.

Офицялно Root Motorola Defy Mini

Здравей, Дневнико!
Отново е неделя нали така.
Като за неделя ще напиша няколко думи в теб. Да офицялно си рутнах телефункена и най-накрая се отървах от Фъкбук и други приложения който не ползвах, но не можех да изтрия и или преместя на картата памет и телефона ми бе препълнен. За да ползвам някое приложение трябваше да изтривам едно да качвам друго и после да го връщам отново... Тъпо е, но това е да си собственик на 2012 година телефон на моторола от нисък клас!

Офицялен роот от:
Hi all in this guide I've used directly copied posts from XDA-developers. com and :
 So coming from this : Thread i decided to create a new one to collect and focus all necessary informations for the procedure of flashing and rooting the Motorola Defy Mini XT 320. Credits for Rooting Guide and files goes to leos0,pbruck,coder011 and Alin Razvan for metod. I thank  very much for giving us (me) the freedom to root this Phone. Also many thanks to they extracted the recovery.img from defy mini which is necessary for rooting Table of Contents:
  • Do i have Fastboot or not?
  • How to flash Firmware?
  • How to gain Root access?
  • Which Firmware verisions to use to get Fastboot Mode?
  • How to flash Bootloader to get Fastboot without changing Firmware?
At first, you have to know if your Phone have Fastboot or not. The easyest Way to find out, is to boot the Phone in Recovery or (if it can) in Fastboot Mode.
  • Power off the Phone
  • Power on by pressing both Volume Buttons and the Power Button at once and hold them for 5-10 seconds
  • if then a screen comes up, you can see if you have Fastboot
  • look at the pictures below to compare
If you see this, then you are a happy one, because your phone has fastboot. You can directly go to the rooting procedure below. If you get this screen, you have to this Flashing Guide: And you have to download RSD Lite: Defy Drivers:
  • Install Drivers and RSD-Lite.
  • Start RSD Lite and load SBF File.
  • Then shut down the Phone and Boot up by holding Camera + Volume- (down) and Power Buttons.
  • If you done right, you see an black screen with white Text, telling you the Device is in flashing mode.
  • Connect Phone to PC and let Drivers install (after that RSD Lite shows an "Connected" Message in App.

Here comes the tricky part !!!

Be carefull and fast otherwise you got to flash again your favorite sbf ,and follow the upper steps again !

Before pressing start button take your phone on your right hand , grab with your left hand the usb cable because you are about to pull it back quickly after you see
Flashing Modem (mdm) or something like i reallly don't remember how the text really was but what you need to do is let it flash some reboot files it takes up 3 seconds after pressing start button to flash those files so you got to be fast boot ) i know it sounds awkward but this shit really works !

After removing usb cable your phone will instantly shut down because it doesn't have the battery on , i did it without battery because i wanted the phone to shut down instant !

So the next step is to power up the phone by pressing both volume buttons + - and power up button , now you should see fastboot menu YaY! 

Fastboot the recovery image via cmd .

After cmd shows up this message .

downloading 'boot.img'...
OKAY [  1.330s]
OKAY [  0.130s]
finished. total time: 1.460s

pull off the usb from phone and wait for it to load into the recovery that you flashed , you got to do this because your phone (i don't know if all ) will restart ! and you won't see the recovery.img menu , so next you install the reboot and wait for phone to power up .

If you see a blue screen you failed and flashed too many boot files (passed flashing from Modem) try again by following same steps .

Warning!!! You can brick your Phone!! In some cases the Phone loses IMEI and Connection to SIM and is broken!! If you do this, you do it at your own risk! To prevent this and/or to recover your IMEI and unlocked SIM follow this Guide: [Important] Backup and Restore Defy Mini IMEI and NV Data  If you have an ROM with Fastboot, follow this Guide to Root (Original Post from leos0 here): Important!! Some prerequisits:
  • Download and extract the to the Root of your Harddisc. Best place is C: so it has to be in
  • If you place it in any other place, adjust the Path variables from next advices to your needs.
  • Open Command prompt on PC.
  • Type in
    cd C:\root_xt320
    and hit Enter
  • Now you are in correct folder to do the next steps
Okey, so, rooting You have to download this : ( it contains fastboot adb recovery.img and [ I think it is the right one, becourse i was applying a few of them at one time to save my time xd ] ) 0. Copy to /sdcard/ 1. You need to boot into fastboot (NOT RECOVERY, F A S T B O O T ). You can use: a) Code:adb reboot-bootloaderor b)turn off the phone, then hold POWER+VOL UP+VOL DOWN for 5-10 sec. 2. Now you need to use fastboot. use: Code:fastboot boot recovery.img3.Now CWM TOUCH will boot. There is small problem, it doesn't look as it should, some options are somewhere else etc. But it works! In normal CWM Recovery i was unable to choose any option, but there everything "works" And you should use keys on your phone ( POWER to execute, vol. keys to move ), not screen to choose things ( it crashed once when i was using screen ) 4. Install zip from sd..(second option)-->choose zip from sdc..)--> ...choose...--> Yes - Install --> Reboot --> backFor commands in [.code] marker you need to use cmd. I hope it will work for you guys You are doing everything on your own so if something dont work its not my fault. If you want to repost it somewhere, please, just write who invented it You should also thanks coder011 becourse he extracted the recovery.img from defy mini which was very helpful Enjoy
Download of Files for Root So now i have one Wish. Please can anyone who have found an ROM which is rootable/ed and have no SIM-Lock post the FW Version and SBF Name here so we get an complete List of useful ROM Versions.
  • TNBST_4_0A.1F.0ERPS_flex_WE_Orange_Spain (the one i use at the Moment)
  • TNBST_4_07.1D.08RPS_flex_LATAM_Claro_Latam
  • TNBST_4_0A.1D.22RPS_flex_WE_RTIT -this I use for half to modem flash
  • TNBST_4_07.26.11RPD_flex_LATAM_RTL_Brazil
  • TNBST_4_0A.21.0CRPS_flex_WE_RTFR_v11_0318_FLEXTNBS T
  • TNBST_4_0A.1F.10RPS_flex_WE_Retail_CEE_V2_0227_FLEXTNBST
  • TNBST_4_0A.1F.3ARPS_flex_WE_Retail_CEE_v5 info from ngavanozov
P.S.: Model: XT320
Android version: 2.3.6
Kernel version: buildsrv@lxdex2 #1
Build number: 0A.21.21
Flex version: WE_Retail_CEE_v5_0524_FLEXTNBST
Software version: TNBST_4_0A.1F.3APRS

I followed the instructions in the tutorial, using the "Alin Razvan" method of flashing only the files needed for the bootloader. I have seen some people that can't boot the phone on USB only. This is how I have done that:
1) Power off the phone;
2) Remove battery;
3) Connect the phone to the pc using the USB cable;
4) Press "camera" & "vol -" & "power" buttons together with one hand and keep them pressed (if you can't do this on your own get somebody to help you )
5) With the other hand touch the battery contacts to the phone contacts for about a second;
6) Remove the battery.

You should now be in flash mode and ready to use RSD Lite.
When using RSD Lite, after the moment you click "Start" to start the flashing process there is a delay needed for the program to create the image file. During this time there is no activity on the phone screen. Keep your eyes peeled on the phone screen because the writing will be very small. Keep your hand on the USB cable. When the text starts pouring (there are in fact a few lines) you should recognize the two lines that contain "Modem" (they appear simultaneously) in about 2 seconds (or less), meaning very quickly. As soon as you recognize those lines pull the USB cable. Your reflexes should be quite sharp because your heart will be pounding like crazy first time you do this .
Thanks again everyone for the opportunity
Creative Commons License
All this works is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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